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How to Style Yourself in Winter

By Amra B.

I love getting dressed up in winter: I can finally layer my clothes, pull out all my beautiful statement jackets and scarves, and wear all the trendy boots I can handle. In a way, my style really comes alive during winter. I also love the idea of wearing classic monotone wardrobe with just a pop of color on my lips. My choice for lipstick is a classic red; however, bright pinks and oranges can be equally fun (and refreshingly unexpected). 

Below are some quick tips on how to achieve great style this winter: 

1. Go for a faux fur jacket: throwing on a fun faux fur jacket can make any jeans and t-shirt outfit look glamorous! For an every day look, I love to wear a monotone black or beige faux fur jacket; they are versatile and work well with my many colorful scarves and hats. 

2. Add a pair of pleather pants: I have been a huge fan of pleather pants for some time now. They are timeless, edgy, and chic, and can make any outfit instantly trendy and modern. 

3. Add a white shirt: An oversized white shirt adds a touch of freshness and makes any outfit look just a little more polished. A white shirt is one of the most versatile pieces and works well with almost everything in my wardrobe. 

4. Add chunky statement jewelry: In winter, chunky jewelry stands out the most against the layered look. I often find that any delicate jewelry can easily get lost when paired up with chunky sweaters and jackets. 

5. Choose fun boots with medium heel: As much as I love an amazing pair of high heel boots, the ones I get to wear the most are the boots with a medium to small heel. I suggest investing in a pair of black boots you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe. I also prefer a medium heel to flat boots; they work well with dresses and skirts.  

6. Go for a statement bag: As winter wardrobe often gets to be monotone, adding a statement bag is the easiest way to make your outfit “POP.” I am really into silver and gold purses (and clutches) right now; however, red, yellow, and blue can be equally fun! 

Outfit: Faux fur jacket Zara, pleather pants ALLSAINTS, shirt and hat H&M, necklace Givenchy, vest Forever21, boots Ash, purse Stella McCartney 

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Katie Webster said...

Love this look! Faux fur is a definite winter fashion statement this season, and can work in so many different styles. I'm going to use your idea of having a simple monotone wardrobe with a pop of colour on the lips- really works :)


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