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Travel Guide From a Local: Best Spots to See in Los Angeles

By Nadja Muzur

I have lived in Los Angeles for most of my life and the city is spectacular for its neighborhoods, culture and architecture. The city and its surrounding areas have so much to offer especially during the everywhere else cold winter days. I wanted to share with you travel tips--dos and don'ts--when in Los Angeles. 

Travel Guide From a Local--When in Los Angeles:

1. Venice Beach

This is one of the spots in LA that is quite entertaining to engage in people watching. We did a post solely on Venice Beach, so to find out more, click here. You will see anything from body builders on the beach working out, to talented artists showcasing their talents. Venice beach is known for the "kooky" people, and if you ever visit you will know what I'm talking about. The environment is very hippy, you will see many medical marijuana shops, awesome graffiti art, and of course free spirited fashionistas all over.

Venice Beach 

2. Rodeo Drive 

The famous Rodeo Drive is a must see while in LA. Many people can only dream of being Julia Roberts in Pretty Women and shopping on Rodeo because its so expensive. Even if you can't afford to shop there, its worth seeing and taking some glam pictures, and maybe even running into some celebrities along the way.

Me with my best friend Senka H.
(and a Club Fashionista fellow blogger) 

3. Los Feliz Village

If you want to blow out the budget in true local fashion, check out Los Feliz Village's Vermont and Hillhurst Avenues. The area is home to thrift shops and higher-end boutiques, independent bookstores, and theaters like Skylight Books, Los Feliz 3, and the Vista; old-school (Fatburger) and new-school L.A. burger haunts (Umami, Juicy Burger); and café-hangouts like the Alcove and Café Figaro, whose daytime scenes will make you wonder if anyone actually works in this town. All are apart of a Los Feliz Village retail collection that pulls in plenty of Hollywood industry types, but remains somewhat off the radar when it comes to tourists attractions.

4. The Getty Museum:

For you art nerds like myself, check out The Getty Museum. Located in Brentwood, this museum is free to the public, and you can find the work of many talented artists from post renaissance to an expanding photography section. This museum is worth checking out as they are constantly adding more collections. 
The Getty Museum

5. The Hollywood Bowl:

Everyone who travels to LA needs to check out the nightlife, considering LA is the capital for the music industry, therefore there are always great shows to be seen. The Hollywood Bowl is one of my favorite concert venues because its an outdoor 1920's amphitheater in the heart of LA. The bowl refers to the shape of the concave hillside amphitheater, which is set against the backdrop of the Hollywood hills and the famous Hollywood sign. The trendy thing to do is to bring your own food and wine you can enjoy before and during the show. Its a great day, turned into a great night, while enjoying some great tunes.

The Hollywood Bowl

There you have it fashionistas, the travel guide form a local--the top 5 travel spots to see in Los Angeles! What is your favorite memory in LA? Leave me a comment, I love hearing from you! Until next time, signing-off from Los Angeles! Xo.

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