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Fashion Trends: Boots and Booties

By Brittany Dobbins 

There is nothing better than having a great pair of boots/booties in your closet, especially for fall! I think the reason why all women love them is because they compliment your outfit extremely well. So, when picking out boots or booties this fall and winter, what is trending? Or, more importantly, what fits you well? Read below to find out...

Styling Tips: How to Find a Perfect Pair of Boots

1. Find the perfect length for your leg type. 

Find the boots that best compliment your legs. If you have thick caves, avoid boots that are hard to get into and could cut off your circulation. Look for elastic material, such as stretchy leather or fabric. If you have short legs, find boots with a heel or a wedge to elongate your leg visually. If you have skinny caves, avoid slouchy cuts. 

2. Casual or dress-up? 

It could be over the-knee (black, brown, neutral) flat boot for a casual look. If you want to go with a sexier choice, wear a black high-heel bootie and wear it with a long maxi skirt to match.  The secret to a great boot is that the shoe will make you feel more confident. 

3. Wear a boot that fits your personality. 

Wear a boot or bootie that fits your personality, whether it’s rhinestones, floral prints, patterns, or snake print. Make it your own. Fashion is about being unique, do not let others discourage you from picking fashion pieces that fit your personality. Always, be daring, creative and...break the "rules!"

Gold shoes

4. Find your everyday boot. 

Find a plain boot to sport everyday, i.e., a boot without patterns, or prints. You don’t need to have a fancy design or an embellishment, just keep it simple. Simple is key and important in fashion for timeless and everyday pieces. 

Never Go Out of Style With Boots:

One of the reasons I am a huge fan of boots is that they are a timeless fashion piece. In fact, the bootie trend has been rocking the fashion world and Hollywood for quite some time; I have seen so many celebrities wearing booties/boots such as Julianne Hough, Nicole Richie, the Hills star Whitney Port, also her co-star and fashion designer Lauren Conrad as well. They are perfect for a night out on the town with friends or even if you are just going to the grocery store!

Stay fabulous this fall fashionistas! It's the perfect season to have your personality shine through your style and what a better way to start than with an adorable pair of booties! 'Till next time…xoxo!
Black over the knee boots (center by Chanel)
New trend-sneaker boots by Chanel (Fall 2014 Collection)

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