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Top 15 Fashion Icons of All Times

By Brittany Dobbins
Edited by Elma B.

The top 15 fashion icons of all time: Who, What, Wear

One of the reason’s I decided to become a fashion blogger is because at a young age I developed a passion for fashion like no other. A lot of girls I know looked up to their mom as a fashion icon or sister...but for me it was different. I had posters of Coco Chanel all over my walls, and I remember the first time my mother had bought me my first Chanel handbag. It was like Christmas all over again! I didn’t just have one fashion icon to idolize, I had are the top 15: 

1. Coco Chanel. Coco Chanel changed fashion in a way that would never be reversed. She made her imprint on the fashion world when she helped women shed the corsets and change into comfortably tailored skirts and suits. Her signature look: pearls and chic hats. Enter Karl Lagerfeld in the 1980s and Chanel became a fashion power house with its distinct and elegantly crafted handbags with the Chanel logo on the front. 

Even if the bags cost over $2,000 USD…it became a must fashion piece for people across the world, it became a status symbol. Luckily, bags are not all that Chanel provides; the fragrances/perfumes have been around since Coco Chanel time. In fact, Chanel No. 5 conquered the perfume industry forever! Coco Chanel created something with her dream: her love for fashion changed forever the way women dressed!

2. Sophia Loren. Known in Italy as the Italian Marilyn Monroe, she remains one of the most renowned Italian actress and an international film star. Ironically, her career took off after a deglamorized role as Cesira in Vittorio De Sica's Two Women when her talents were recognized. Her style epitomizes the 1950s glamour, exhumes sex appeal and the Italian zest. 

3. Audrey Hepburn. She was a talented, beautiful, kind-hearted and an extraordinary woman as witnessed in her films and humanitarian work. Audrey had this signature classic look. It was a high-bun paired with her ever-so glamorous LBD (little black dress), tiara and oversized-sunglasses in the famous Breakfast at Tiffany’s that established her signature look. Givenchy worked with Audrey Hepburn to create a look tailored just for her. Girls everywhere idolized her and men craved for her attention. But one thing that always amazed me is her sense of style. It was something that everyone loved and talked about. Iconic. As shown in the film Pygmalion, she was the belle of the ball!

4. Brigitte Bardot. She was a vision to look at and for men to drool over. Her style was an obsession to those who would walk beside her on the streets of France. She became a sex symbol of the 1960s. Brigitte was everything you could imagine. She changed the way we look at fashion: her bouffant hairstyle with blond locks became an iconic look that girls all over the world mimicked.  Some of her iconic outfits include vintage style lace blouse paired with a black cardigan and school girl little black mini-skirt and matching knee-high boots. 

She showed women that confidence in the fashion world is key! Her wild and free-spirit captured the attentions of fans across the world. She currently resides in the French Riviera and has dedicated her life to animal rights causes. 

Brigitte Bardot wearing a structured hat while filming Shalako (1968) 
Brigitte Bardot wearing a structured hat while filming Shalako (1968) 

5. Marilyn Monroe. For me, the number one fashion icon of all time: the oh-so fabulous Marilyn Monroe! She made fashion what it is today, with her famous white billowy dress that made men go “who’s that girl?” and the women envy her. She knew just what to do when it came to fashion and owned it. Marilyn Monroe became an idol; her existence intrigued everyone. Whether it was a vintage white crop top paired with high-wasted black shorts, or a red velvet dress that showed off her famous physique, she never failed to make jaws drop. 

6. Iris Apfel. Starting from a humble background, born in Astoria, Queens, New York, she blossomed into a businesswoman, interior designer and ultimately style icon. Together with her husband (Carl Apfel), they launched a textile firm Old World Weavers and ran it until they retired in 1992. Afterwards (1950-1992), she worked on the restoration of the interior design at the White House for nine presidents. Her signature look includes oversized specs and her patterned, patent loafer shoes. She still keeps it fabulous at 92, fashionistas take notes!

Young Iris Apfel (left) and Iris today
7. Nicole Richie. This fashionista has come a long way since her days with childhood friend Paris Hilton on the reality TV series The Simple Life. After teaming-up with Rachel Zoe (and her very close friend), this fashionista's life changed forever. Her personal style attracted a lot of attention. She worked with several brands (Jimmy Choo and Bongo) and in 2008, she debuted her jewelry line House of Harlow 1960, which later sold shoes and apparel. Her style is heavily bohemian chic and there is always a twist to it, like the now lilac hair! 

8. Sarah Jessica Parker. This sweetheart conquered the world (and our hearts) in the iconic TV show Sex and the City. She was an executive producer on the show, and won two Emmy Awards! Her long blond locks remained her signature look alongside with the funky '80s everyday outfits and her avant-garde dress-up looks. To add cherry on the cake, her quirky personality on Sex and the City was just as memorable as her signature looks!

9. Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl. Blair Waldorf, aka Leighton Meester, captured our attention with her Queen B. attitude and her signature headbands. The Upper East Side queen encapsulates the New York City chic, feisty and glamorous! Her outfits and outrageous comments never failed to make our jaws drop!

10. Rachel Zoe. The celebrity stylist, with 15 years of experience under her belt, attracted a large list of Hollywood clientele, including most famously fashionista Nicole Richie. She makes glamour look effortless by combining bohemian-chic with the 1960s style. 

11. Jackie Kennedy Onassis. This first lady was true American royalty, born in the Hamptons, New York, her grace and style captured the attention of billions of people across the world. He signature look includes oversized sunglasses, pillow box hat, and her bouffant hairstyle. Throughout her life, despite the many tragedies she endured (loosing a husband and a baby boy) her poise and style endured. We adore you Jackie O., you are a role model in every sense! 

12. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. These two cuties captured our hearts during the ABC TV show The Full House as they both rotated to play the role of Michelle Tanner. During their childhood, they launched a girl's line (ages 4-14) called "Mary-Kate and Ashley: Real fashion for real girls." After turning 18, the twins left the film industry to focus on fashion; they went on to launch a couture fashion label "The Row," "Elizabeth & James" (inspired by their personal wardrobes), "Olsenboye" for JCPenny, and a t-shirt line called "StyleMint." To top off their fashion invasion, the twins published a book called Influence, which covers a series of interviews with prominent people in the fashion industry. Their latest project (in 2013)--launching a new fashion line in Oslo, Norway. Mary-Kate's "homeless look" has become iconic with the boho-chic fashionista often spotted wearing oversized sunglasses, many layers (flowy skirts and oversized sweaters) and boots. The look entails a combination of high-end and low end fashion items. 

13. Twiggy. Famously being named "The Face of 1966" by the Daily Express, this British model with her thin build, short hair, large eyes and eyelashes captured the attention of millions fashion enthusiasts across the world. Subsequently, she enjoyed a successful acting career in film, on stage and TV. Currently, she works alongside the large British clothing department store Mark's and Spencer's designer and has launched a collection called M&S Woman. Her swinging sixties style--the mini, the shift dress, the ribbed sweater and the braless style, you won't fail to forget! 

14. Jane Birkin. This fashion icon had  Hermès create a black supple leather bag, based on an 1892 design, just for her in 1984! She is a renewed British actress and singer who lives in France. Her relationship with the French sensation, Serge Gainsbourg, in 1970s made her appear in the headlines of countless of tabloids. From fisherman sweaters to high-waisted blue jeans, her style is boho breezy and well-reflects her carefree spirit. Recently, her interest in humanitarian work has led her to work with Amnesty International on immigration and AIDS issues. Keep winning the world over with you free-spirit, style and smile! 

15. Grace Kelly. She went from Hollywood royalty to actual royalty, after she married Prince Rainer III of Monaco. Her signature look entailed beautiful pearl and diamond jewelry, Hermès bags, and haute couture Christian Dior dresses. Her style became synonymous with classic and royal. Her name fit her like a glove, she remained a graceful princess throughout her life. 

There you have it fashionistas, our list of 15 style icons of all times. Who is your favorite? Leave us a comment below, we love hearing from you. Until next time, xoxo, Club Fashionista girls. 

“Fashion changes, style endures.” – Coco Chanel

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My icons always been Chanel and Audrey Hepburn they are so classy and elegannt For now I would poind also Stacy London as an icon I personaly prefer her than Rachel Zoey Nothing personal


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