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Relaxed Denim: How to Pull Off the Look Without Looking Too Grungy

By Elma B.

Relaxed denim has been all over the news with fashionistas across the world sporting this look. You may already own a pair of ripped and/or loose jeans, overalls, or even a jumpsuit. If you do not, I suggest to buy some because relaxed denim is enviously comfortable and effortlessly chic!

So, how to pull off the relaxed denim look without looking too grungy? Here are my five suggestions:

1. Blazers. Wear a blazer with relaxed denim, e.g., over boyfriend jeans or a jumpsuit, to the office.

2. Stilettos. Wear stiletto heels to balance the casual look with dress-up sandals or pointy-toed heels. Fashion tip: make sure the stilettos are not chunky to balance out the heavy relaxed denim look with slender stilettos. 

3. Clutches. Wear a clutch to balance the casual look with a dress-up handbag.

4. Dress-up jewelry. Wear non-boho jewelry for a professional office or a chic summer evening look. 

5. Dress-up blouse. Wear a tighter blouse with you loose boyfriend jeans (or alternatively wear tighter pants, e.g., floral pants, with your relaxed denim shirt). 

Overall, you see that you can forgo looking grungy in relaxed denim so long as you balance your look with accessories or other clothing items that are more serious and dress-up. Fashion tip: for a fashionable look, it is always a good idea to mix and match, e.g., laid back piece with a classic piece, to steer away from the boring and predictable. 

Below, I have included how I mixed and matched my relaxed denim look to avoid looking grungy. Until next time fashionistas, stay casual and fabulous, signing-off from NYC!   

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