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Juicing: What Are the Health Benefits?

By Rachel Burt
Edited by Therese Mulgrew 

Juicing is not just about eating healthy. It is a lifestyle. By adding fresh organic fruits and vegetables to your diet daily, you are cleansing your body physically, mentally, and spiritually while finding essence in your own skin. Many of us have years of damage to cleanse from our bodies and this cannot be done overnight. Juicing helps to slowly eliminate these fatty acids and toxins. Juicing is not only one of the best cures for almost all sicknesses, diseases, and addictions, but it is also the secret
of living a happier life!

Pay attention to color and balance.

Be aware of the color of your juice so that you can track the health benefits. The colors of fruits and vegetables are directly connected to the nutrients they are rich in. Dark green vegetables, for example, are rich in carotenoids and chlorophyll. Yellow and orange fruits are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids. Red and purple vegetables and fruit contain anthocyanins and lycopene. So, for the best result, go for a different color everyday! 

Another secret behind a good, nutritious juice is the balance between these nutrients. Try to choose fruits and vegetables that have different benefits. Or, if you’re aiming for a certain benefit (immunity booster, digestion, fatigue) you can combine recipes specifically for those purposes. Do your research! 

Below is a list of some of my favorite juice recipes for you to explore:

1. The Green Machine

5-7 Apples
2-3 Lemons or Limes
1 Cucumber
1 Head of Kale
Dash of Mint or Parsley

This is the ultimate cleansing juice, full of Alkalizing minerals and cleansing properties. Celery is high in sodium and potassium while Kale is full of Vitamin K and Iron. Put those two together with the Apples and Lemons and you have perfect blend for a work out recovery drink. 

2. SunnyBurst 
Made by (FullyRaw Kristina)

1-2 Large Pineapples, Sliced
5-7 Apples
7 Oranges
1 Lemon 

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant found in almost all citrus fruits which aids in repairing and protecting the cells in our bodies. This juice is beneficial because it is high in Bromelain, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A.  It will help with inflammation, arthritis, acne, digestion, and migraines. 

3. Super C Booster


Beetroots are known to help bring out the glow in your skin, especially when you have had lack of sun. This juice has a bit of it all, a very colorful way to start your day!

4. Cool Out


Refreshing, alkalizing, and hydrating, this juice leaves you feeling minty and cool on a hot and sunny day.

5. Kiwi Juice

8 Kiwis
3 (green) apples

This simple blend of ingredients is a little sweet and a little sour, but none the less, a refreshing juice for you to try!

6. Flu Shot

3 Garlic cloves
1 Lemon

Keep in mind, this is only a shot but slurp it down quickly and it can be the quickest route back to health on a sick day. Why take medicine when you can take something more natural and just as effective?

For all of these juices you simply strain the ingredients through the juicer and let your soul shine! They all help with glowing complexions, shiny hair, flat bellies and a healthier, lighter, happier you! One of my favorite blogs to follow is Fully Raw Kristina, a raw food chef who lists many interesting recipes daily to help inspire you! I highly suggest checking it out if you want more ideas and information on juicing. 

Until next time!


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