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Club Fashionsita’s Top Spring/Summer Hat Picks

By Nadja Muzur
Edited by Therese Mulgrew

Spring is finally here, and summer is just around the corner. Hats are a must-have for these seasons especially. They are the perfect finishing touch to almost any warm-weather look.  Every fashionista needs an oversized hat for the summer – it can complete any look for a day at the beach to a brunch date with girlfriends. Without further ado, here are our top spring/summer hat picks:


1. Floppy hats have been a big hit among high fashion and street fashion this season. Chanel, Topshop, and many more have been showcasing this style on the spring runways.  These vintage-inspired hats can easily be dressed up or dressed down and worn with almost any look. 

Timeless Hit: Floppy Hats
Ultra Trendy: Floppy Hat 
2. The "Bowler" hat is making a comeback as well. It looks great put simply with a white tee, fitted jeans, and your favorite boho sandals if you’re going for an L.A. carefree look. It’s comfortable yet super chic. A statement hat can really change the look of your entire outfit.  

3. Also, keep an eye out for Aurora Ozma, who showcased a variety of unique hats in her London showroom during this past fashion week. This self-taught designer has created a line of ready-to-wear headpieces that will turn heads as walk down the street. If you have yet to check out her most recent collection, I highly recommend it for any of you seeking the perfect spring hat.

For those of you fashionistas who want to stand out, finding your perfect spring hat should be at the top of your list. Not only will it conceal a bad hair day after running around at the beach all day but it will always bring a sophisticated twist to the style and look of your choice!  


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