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My Spring/Summer Makeup Guide: Top 5 Tips

By Elma B.

New season, new look. With spring slowly approaching, at least on the East Coast, you want to make sure to update your glamorous fall/winter makeup to light summer/spring makeup. In general, spring/sumer colors are a lot brighter and often lighter than fall/winter colors; hence, when choosing spring/sumer makeup, keep the color differentiation in mind.

Another difference between the seasons is the heavier texture of winter makeup, e.g., concealer, foundation and powder. After several consultations from makeup professionals from London to New York City, here are my spring/summer makeup tips:

1. Minimize the use of concealer, foundation, and powder. In the spring, and especially summer, there is more sunshine and heat. Consequently, you will sweat more and the heavy makeup will become more apparent than ever. The trick to wearing great makeup is to make it look as natural as possible. 

2. Drop the dark and heavy lipsticks. Pick-up brighter and lighter shades of glosses, lip-stainers and lipsticks. I suggest picking up a light lip-stainer from Sephora or MAC. 

3. Bronzer + highlighter. There is an art to contouring to give your face a multi-dimensional look.  How you contour the high-ligther and the bronzer depends on your face-shape. I suggest asking a professional at a Sephora store or at MAC to explain how to contour for your face-shape. I have included a basic photo illustration for contouring.  Make sure to use a large brush for the bronzer, and use a smaller brush for the highlighter. 

Contouring: Where to Apply Bronzer 
4. Blend, blend and blend. To avoid obvious makeup lines (or worse yet discoloration), make sure to blend well. Even after you are one with applying makeup, go back and blend one more time to avoid unnatural color differences on your skin. 

5. Put on your makeup in the natural sunlight. Another tip to avoid looking fake, do your makeup in the natural sunlight whenever possible. The natural sunlight is what your makeup really looks like in the daylight and not under the bathroom lights. Often, makeup will look a lot stronger in the natural sunlight than under the bathroom lights. 

There you have it fashionistas and beauty queens, I hope you enjoyed my makeup tips for the spring and summer. Looking natural as possible is the new trend, so keep this in mind when applying makeup or buying new pieces. For more details, see our article on the top spring/summer beauty trends. Until next time, signing-off from New York City, xoxo. 

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