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Casual Stroll in NYC

By Amra B. 

Lately, I have been particularly fond of easy style that looks effortless and comfortable (i.e. think celebrities when they are caught running errands or taking a stroll in the park). The look is stylish yet approachable: makeup soft, hair a little messy, and clothes casual yet modern. The idea is to look not "overstyled" but still polished. Here are my tips on how to achieve the perfect casual look:

  • Choose stylish sneakers: stay away from athletic shoes that are meant for exercising. There are great sneakers made for walking NOT exercising. I love Hogans, classic pair of Converse, Ash, or Tods. They all manage to strike a perfect balance between stylish and comfortable. 
  • Incorporate loose pieces: stay away from oversized t-shirts. Rather pick shirts that are loose yet polished. I like button downs paired over tank tops. I also think that denim button downs are timeless and can be worn with jeans for an incredible denim-on-denim effect. 
Denim loose shirts
  • Invest in a pair of well tailored jeans: denim can look amazing if its tailored to our body. I love a pair of skinny jeans, but believe that straight leg and boyfriend jeans can look equally great. If you are struggling to find a pair of pants that fit well, make sure to buy jeans that are long and loose enough, and then take them to your tailor to have them altered to fit perfectly. 
  • Classic trench never goes out of style: trench coats make any outfit instantly more polished. They also work really well in spring and are easy to wear with casual and formal outfits. 
Trench: classic that never goes out of style!

Wishing you a great day! 

Outfit: Trench Benetton, tank Saks Fifth Ave, denim shirt Rag&Bone, jeans Miss Sixty, sneakers Hogan, purse Burberry, sunnies vintage Ray Ban


Anonymous said...

Cao Amrice,
gdje si se ti operirala, el mi mozes reci? Srki mi je reko da jesi al ne zna tacno gdje.


Sabina said...

To je tako tuzno kad su ljudi ljubomorrni… Ja licno Amru poznajem od djetinjstva i znam da je 100% prirodna. Zao mi je sto drugi imaju komplekse koje moraju da ispoljavaju na ovaj nacin… Zelim ti brz oporavak od ljubomore jer je to ocigledno bolest. Poz


09 10