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Top Three: Fashion Trends Straight Off The Sydney Streets

By Sammy Jade 

Top Three: Fashion Trends Straight Off The Sydney Streets

Here in Australia, we're not all about our cork hats, crocs and kangaroo riding… I promise. 

With the weather being so unpredictable lately, there is a lot going on in the streets of Sydney; wherever you look, everyone is awkwardly trying to decipher how they feel in this climate; everything from scarfs to denim cut-offs, trench coats to maxi dresses, everything is happening at the moment. 

As uncomfortable as it may be, this also means that there is a huge space for many trends to take the limelight, and that is just what is happening at the moment, and for me, here are my three favourites.

1. That Zara Skort

This Spring, we have seen an explosion of a-symmetrical hemlines, with this trend gaining popularity not only for the edginess and added interest it provides, but also because it is so easy to layer with for those days where the cold mornings turn into sweltering afternoons.

Right now I am particularly loving the Zara style skort (yes, it's the return of the 90s!), and with so many people embracing this must-have item, I am loving the many ways it is inevitably worn. 

Pretty much any top can be worn with this, throw on an unstructured blazer (remember the key here is to keep the focus of structure on the skort) and your outfit is complete! And with our busy lives, this piece can be transformed from day to night wear in no time at all. 

2. The Crop Top

The crop top was huge during Australian Fashion Week earlier this year, with many designers including Ginger & Smart, Bless'ed Are The Meek and Aje embracing this cheeky trend, which has quickly been taken off the runway and scattered all though out the streets of Sydney. 

The one thing about this item is that it is easy to go from chic to cheap, so to ensure this doesn't happen, it is important to keep as much of your stomach covered as possible. This can be achieved with high waisted pencil, midi or maxi skirt, shorts or jeans. 

Once again, this trend is great because it is easy to layer upon, which makes it a very versatile item to have in your wardrobe. 

Vintage Crop Tops: Tiffany Amber Thissen from
 Saved by the Bell

3. Kimono Kaftan Jacket 

It is pretty evident that no matter our attire, we are so very excited for the upcoming Summer months. This is reflected in the popular Kimono Kaftan jacket being worn by everyone from beach go-ers to people out clubbing- this trend is highly versatile, especially on the beaches of Sydney where the clothing style is a lot more boho. 

I love that it can be easily paired with a simple LBD for those nights out, and will completely transform the look of your outfit. 

Inspired by our very own Camilla, this piece will prove to be just as hot of a fashion item in our closets as the Australian Summer is expected to be! 

The Australian weather is just warming up, and I couldn't be more excited for this upcoming season!

Happy shopping!

Sammy Jade 

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