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By Elma B.   

Growing up, my gorgeous sister was always in the spotlight. I did not have much interest in beauty products or fashion as I had my nose stuck in the book most of the time; I even wore pink glasses. In high school, my sister convinced me to have a make-over and thus began my experimentation with makeup. I wanted to share with you the beauty tips I learned from professional make-up artists after several consultations...

Me at the Airport (Chicago)

My blue smoky eye and pale lip look 

I must advise you, go to the make-up counters of your favorite brands and ask what make-up colors look the best on your skin-tone and face shape. Ladies, I promise you it is a worthwhile investment in time and money as you will feel a lot more confident! Bottom line, why not look your best?

Without further ado, here are my 5 make-up beauty tips:

Me: Makeup before going out in NYC
Beauty Tip No 1 (Brushes) -  If you have ever been to a makeup store such as Sephora or MAC, you probably noticed that the professional make-up artist carry around pouches of brushes. Sure, you may think I do not have time for that and it seems too complicated but hold on jumping to those conclusions. Using brushes can be quick and easy and give you precision that your fingers simply cannot achieve. Thus, pick a couple of brushes that complete your look. Ladies, like anything else you do in life, using brushes becomes quick and easy with practice!

For example, I swear by the eyebrow brush, the lip brush, and the eye liner brush. The eyebrow brush I use is from NARS; I dab it into a matte NARS brown eyeshadow and my brows are ready to shape. The lip brush helps me spread my lipstick evenly; my lips are not very thick and hence I want to make sure that the contours are properly colored. The eye liner brush I dip into my gel eye liner from MAC. 

Beauty tip No 2 (MAKEUP) : Before purchasing anything, feel free to go to the counter of your favorite makeup brand and ask them to teach you how to apply makeup; the makeup professionals will gladly do it! 

Me (with dark brown hair)

Your Complete Brush Guide: Pick 3 of Your Favorites!
Gel Eyeliner from MAC
How to do cat-eye with a gel eye liner
Me: Look at my Look Using the MAC Gel Eyeliner 
Eyebrow Brush
Brow Look: Using eyebrow brush and matte brown eyeshadow from NARS 
Lips: Using lipstick brush from Lancome

Beauty Tip No 3 (Mascara primer from Clinique): It will give a dramatic effect to your lashes! I adore the elongated and full lashes the primer creates! 

My Eyelashes with Mascara Primer 
Beauty Tip No 4: Translucent white powder to minimize pores (I adore the one from Make-Up Forever).

Beauty Tip No 5 (Eyeshadow primer): It helps to give a dramatic effect and helps your eyeshadow to stay on longer.  I love Too Faced or MAC. 

Beauty Tip No 6 (Highlighter for cheeks): I prefer Lancome's shimmery eyeshadow as a highlighter. Ask at your favorite makeup brand what tone of highlighter is best for your skin tone. Also, Benefit has great highlighters. 

Highlighter Effect 
I hope you enjoyed my five makeup tips! We look forward t to hearing from you! Until next time...xoxo!

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