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Evolution of Black: Top 7 Looks

By Elma B.

Simple yet mysterious, intriguing and sexy are all the adjectives that have been attributed to black. Rock groups, gothic fans, the classics, and even bohemians have all been attracted to black. It is a color that unites luxury designers with vampires (and other creatures of the dark).

From 20s until 50s: Vintage Black Looks  

Street style: black on black look

Paris Fashion Week 2013 Givenchy Show: Kim Kardashian, Ciara, and Lily Collins all wearing black

Today's Trendsetters: Nina Senicar, Irina Shayk, and Victoria Bekcham

Black Sequence 

One of my favorites is black combined with lace. The dresses that have used this combination have spanned from the 18th century until today, e.g., Renoir’s Impressionist paintings to Dolce & Gabbana’s Southern Italian fever. This weekend, I visited the last day of the Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity Exhibition (brought all the way from the Musee d’Orsey in Paris) to Chicago's Institute of Art. There, I spotted a stunning 19th century long black gown, which is adorned with black lace between the neckline and the shoulders. 

Black Lace in the 1800s
For some reason, black and lace seem never to have gone out of style; the only change throughout centuries was the shapes and cuts of the dresses. So began the evolution of the LBD:

1930s Dress
1947 Dior
1950s Model: Black Lace
Supermodel Dovima in 1956 

This winter, when you intend to make jaws drop with simple yet sexy elegance, wear black. I suggest adding red (or burgundy) lipstick and a shimmery gold eye shadow. Also, wear chunky and bold (silver or gold) bracelets and some black stiletto heels to complete your look. Understated elegance will make you look effortlessly beautiful. Here are my top seven  black outfits for this fall/winter season.

1. Backless in black:

2. LBD + a Large-Chunky Black Belt. 

3. Black Leather Pants
Victoria Beckham: Sexy in Black
Wearing: Hermes & Louboutin
4. Black Sequence.

5. Black + Gold Combination 

Black + Gold Belt Combination  

6. Black Skinny Jeans + Leather Jacket 
Casual Weekend Outfit 

Street style: black denim skinny jeans

7. Black Lace

Gwyneth Paltrow in Black Lace 

The following are some of my other favorite all black looks...

LBD: Perfect for Any Occasion
Black + Leather Details: Fashionista Favorite 
Black Louboutin Booties 
Black & Nude Combination 
Casually Gorgeous in Black

Miroslava Duma in black dress


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Kim Kardashian look like a cow...

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I love the black vintage dresses!

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Sorry, but KIM K. does not look like a cow! She just gave birth to a chil and it is natural that a woman has some more weight right after her pregnancy!

Maja said...

Super! Bas su super slike! Crna je moja omiljena boja!


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