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Trip to Monaco

By Amra B. 

Monaco is probably my favorite place in the South of France. Despite all the late night parties in St Tropez, beach fun in Nikki, and amazing stores in Cannes, nothing beats the charm of Monaco. Monaco is a small independent city-state, located on the French Riviera. It covers an area of only 2.02 km (0.78sq mi), and is situated next to France (and close to Italy) with access to the  Mediterranean Sea. I also adore this city-state for its peace and safety: it has the largest police force and police presence in the world on both a per-capita and per-area. I never have to worry about my purse getting snatched here or being pick pocketed. Monaco is quite small and I would advise on staying over the weekend and exploring the city as well as the near by beaches. Although it is quite easy to sight see by foot, renting a scooter in Monaco may be a great idea as it allows for an easy way to climb hills. 

I arrived to Monaco in the morning and was able to grab breakfast in front of Cafe de Paris. I believe this to be the quintessential experience as you get the view of the famous Monte Carlo casino. I am not a huge fan of cars, but if you wish to see some really exotic models, you will get to view them in this spot. After my breakfast, I went sightseeing and shopping around the city. Almost all  the stores are located in the same area (close to the Monte Carlo Casino), and it is easy to visit them by foot. 

For lunch, my favorite place is Fairmont hotel. It can get quite hot in Monaco during July and August, and I like to take a break from the heat in a cool lunch spot. The Fairmont hotel offers an AMAZING view of the Mediterranean, and I really believe for them to have the best Cesar Salad I have ever tasted! In the evening, a great place to watch the sunset is Buddha Bar. I love shisha, and I believe nothing can beat a Mojito and a shisha on a Buddha Bar terrace. 

Below are some of the photos of my trip! 


Cafe De Paris Monaco
View from top of the Fairmont Hotel  
Gardens of Monaco 
View of the Mediterranean  

Famous Port of Monaco
France and Italy (Behind Me)

Fairmont Hotel View  
Monaco Port 
Architecture in Monaco 
Spectacular View of the Mediterranean 
Architecture in Monaco
Italy and France from the Distance 
Hotel Fairmont, Monaco
Hotel Fairmont, Monaco 

Buddha Bar, Monaco 

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Valerie said...

I love your post on Monaco. I am planning a trip there next summer and will try and visit Cafe de Paris. Thanks for sharing.


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