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Back to Basics Fashion Trend: How to Spice-Up the Look

By Brittany Dobbins

The back to basic fashion trend is back and bigger than ever, basic cuts and colors have swept-up luxury designers and high-street shops.
The great thing about a back to basics fashion trend is that you can wear the look to any event or occasion. Here are some tips and trick on how to make those basic cuts look fun, chic and interesting!

Back to basics fashion trend:

how to spice-up the look 

How to spice-up your basic look

1. Add bold details to a basic look: 

Glam it up a bit. You want to wear an outfit that people will find interesting, less on the boring side. Basics, like t-shirt and jeans, aren't really going to cut it in the fashion industry unless you glam them up a bit. Add fun details like  Louboutin heels, leather or lace.

Bold red coat and leopard print heels with a basic look

2. Add sass to a basic black blazer:

If you want that classic back to basics look you can wear a cool black blazer with a funky print crop top, with black leather skinny jeans and black booties. When it comes to basics, you can also pair the black blazer with a coral blue ruffled mini dress and a black fringe bag to make the black blazer more sassy. 

Blush, Black and Denim

3. Add fabulous accessories to the basic look:

The typical back to basics fashion look would entail a pastel colored long skirt paired with a white blouse and flats. To add edge to the look, add a fabulous pair of heels and a glam handbag! Also, I would suggest a statement necklace or big hoop earrings. 

"Sweet Charity" Spiked Christian Louboutin Bag

4. Add print to a basic look

The way to make any basic and solid pieces stand out, add print. Wear the print either underneath your basic pieces (printed leggings) or over your basic pieces (printed blazer). Prints will create contrast with your basic pieces. 

Leopard print coat with an all black look and a Chanel 2.55

There you have it fashionistas, although basic cuts and pieces are back in style, you do not have to opt-in for the all around boring look. You can make the look edgy by following the four steps I listed above. How do you put together your basic pieces? Leave a comment below, I love hearing from you! Until next time, signing-off from New York City, xoxo!

Black on black basic look with a lace detail


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