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How to Be Fashionable Quickly and Easily: 5 Tips!

By Elma B.

I wanted to give you quick and easy styling tips for your casual-chic look. I spoke to a friend, who is a busy professional, and she confessed that one of the reasons she did not dress fashionably was because she did not have the time. 

Ladies, dressing fashionably can be very quick and simple There are plenty of fashion pieces that do not require a lot of thought, creativity or layering. For example, in the photos below, I am wearing a dress-one piece, flats, and a Louis Vuitton speedy. For make-up, I have only lipstick and eye makeup, i.e. no powder, no foundation, no blush, etc. My look is very easy and simple to replicate.

Here are 5 tips on how to look fashionable quickly:

(favorite "it" pieces: Louis Vuitton speedy and Miu Miu flats)

1. Wear a one piece--e.g., a jumpsuit or a dress.
2. Wear only lipstick and eye-makeup. 
3. Wear flats, i.e. being fashionable does not require pain.
4. Wear a trendy/designer bag, e.g., Celine, Louis Vuitton, and Miu-Miu. 
5. Wear simple jewelry if your dress (like mine below) is full of personality. If your dress is simple, wear statement jewelry.

Below, I am wearing: Top-Shop dress; make-up from Kiko, Louis Vuitton speedy; Miu-Miu flats; and Swarovski crystal pearls. 

Simple Makeup: Lipstick and Eye Makeup 

Enjoy Yourself with a Skim Latte! 
Easy One Piece: Dress

Comfortable Flats: Miu Miu

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