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Healthy Summer Food: Grilled Sardines Recipe

By Elma B.

The summer heat was almost overwhelming and the what made the day bearable was the Mediterranean Sea breeze. We decided to go to the beach and dine at a local restaurant, where I had a taste of fresh and deliciously prepared sardines. The cook shared with me that sardines are best when made near where they are caught, in this case it was the French Riviera, and that some of the best sardines are from France. 

After coming home, I looked up how to prepare sardines, here is the best recipe I found:

1. Buy fresh and whole. 
2. Remove the scales when holding hte fish under running water.
3. Brush the fish from tail to head.
4. Cook until the skin is crisp (so the fish will come away easily). The best is to grill sardines.
5. Dress with butter, lemon and herbs. 
6, Serve with fresh baguettes and a green salad.

Take a look at the final meal I had in St. Tropez, France. The freshness and the taste was amazing and did I mention the meal is very healthy? 

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