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Summer Style: How to Achieve the Feminine & Boho Look

By Elma B.

The day before we left Costa Rica, we ventured out on one of many Guancaste's gorgeous black sand beaches. The nature is incredible in Costa Rica so it was not terribly difficult to find an idyllic spot: where the Pacific Ocean coincided with tropical trees and mountains. 

In terms of my look, I opted for my favorite summer style: a flowery dress with a boho hat.  For my acessories, I wrote a thin black belt and a large necklace beaded with small pearls. My make-up: cat-eyes and bright orange lipstick.

For my summer style, I am a fan of feminine and classic looks, which entails flowery dresses, sheer and loose blouses or skirts, pearls, giant Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn like sunglasses, etc. Take a look at my photos below, hope you enjoy them. Until next time...Xoxo.

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