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Summer Fashion Trends: Linen and Bright Colors

By Elma B.

Aside from the warmth, the sun and beaches, another aspect that attracts me the most to the summer are its large boho hats, light clothes and bright accessories. While vacationing in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, I brought along many skirts, dresses, bathing suits, and fun jewelry, which were all light and effortlessly fit into my suit case.

My favorite beach look is a casual and a loose side braid, bright colored bathing-suit and jewelry, and linen clothing. In the photos below, I opted for a straw hat with a leopard print scarf, a long-wooden-red necklace, a linen white skirt and Juicy Couture bathing suit. While at the beach, I like to go barefoot (so long as the sand is not scorching hot) to enjoy its soft touch. 

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