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Preppy Clothing for Men

By Elma B.

Good afternoon/good morning CF men! Happy Monday! Since Club Fashionista has been writing many posts for the CF ladies, this one is for you gentlemen! My favorite type of style is preppy and classic. The preppy look is  safe for any type of party, event or just work. 

When out shopping for yourselves, a quality blazer coupled with a collared shirt creates a polished look. Additionally, your clothes must be pressed or ironed before worn to give them a fresh and clean look.  To add more sophistication to your preppy look, wear a vest beneath your blazer or a sweater, a tie is optional depending on the type of occasion. An accessory that can really make you stand out is a gorgeous but manly scarf. If you are brave and confident, suspenders or a bow tie can add character to your outfit. Also, a pair of sunnies like Ray Bans are a must! For shoes, make sure they are polished and not square-shaped: the goal is to create a smooth, clean and polished look. Lastly, your clothes must be fitted; if they are not, take the pants and the blazers to the tailor. Baggy and sloppy is not sexy! 

For ideas, see the photos below. What is your favorite preppy look? What style do you prefer? Write us at and send us your photos, we would love to see you and feature you in our "Outfit of the Day" section. Xoxo gentlemen! 

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