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MY SECRET to Staying SLIM!

By Amra B.

People often ask me about advice on loosing weight/getting fit.  I always reply with the same question: "How many days this week did you visit the gym?" Unfortunately, I usually get the same answer: zero! 

Being fit, healthy, and slim is a lifestyle. There is no secret potion or magic pills. It is just about lots of time, dedication, and sweat. Yes, I often sweat my butt off but I LOVE the results that I see. 

So here is my "secret" for a great/slim body: running! For this simple exercise, you need a great pair of running shoes, music, and a sports bra (if you are a girl)! I run wherever I go: city, park, mountain, beach, etc. I usually do about 45 minutes- 1 hour per day and try to squeeze in a run at least four times per week. I also do sprint intervals in the end as they increase my metabolic rate and help me burn more calories throughout the day. 

Have you worked out today? =)


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Trci trci dobro je to za zdravlje :)


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