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Early 2000s Fashion

By Amra B.

When compared to the fashion in the early 2000s, I feel like today’s fashion has lost a lot of its appeal… I like some of the relaxed and hipster looks that many people sport today, but I still WANT a touch of glamour! I adore Tom Ford’s design for Gucci and some of the earlier Roberto Cavallis creations. I also remember when Dior used to have much more Couture with lavish John Galliano designs, and remember drooling pretty much over any shoes designed by Christian Lacroix. 

I also like the fake tan that the models used to sport and the ironed flat hair extensions worn by Victoria secret while Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell still walked the show. I like the glitter eye shadows, pink lips, and bronzed cheeks. I long for these looks and love to recreate them once in a while. Below is a collection of some of my favorite early 2000s moments. What do you think Fashionistas, HOT or NOT? Would you wear these trends today? XOXO


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