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Pink Burberry Scarf and Brown Miu Miu Bag

By Elma B.

Good morning fashionistas! Happy Sunday!

I wanted to share my outfit of the day with you. Yesterday, before strolling around the city, we snapped these photos. There are still no signs of spring. The weather was extremely cold, akin to Aspen, Colorado, except there was no snow here. To stay warm, I chose purple UGG earmuffs, pastel pink burberry scarf, a puffy black jacket with a hood, black tights, black boots, and a Miu Miu brown bag. I belted my puffy jacket to avoid looking like a pumpkin with all the layers. My goal was to have my pink Burberry scarf and the brown Miu Miu bag bring a variety to my all black outfit. Here are some photos of my outfit from yesterday. Xoxo.

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