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Hippie Fashion

By Elma B.

Jane Birkin, Barbara Streisand, Farah Fawcett, and Bianca Jagger (to name a few) became synonymous with 70s style icons. Even today, many designers (e.g. Marc Jacobs) and celebrities (e.g. Sienna Miller and Nicole Richie) have mimicked the 70s for its hippie-chic style. The 70s became associated as a decade with a colorful, hippie and loving style. The style was mostly distinguished with huge hats, long straight hair, colorful dresses with flowers, bell-bottoms and funky boots. For details, please see the photos below. 

The Young Barbara Streisand 
Ali McGraw 
Ali McGraw 

Marc Jacobs 1970s Inspired Collection 
The ICONIC image of Farah Fawcett 

Nadia Cassini in Rome

Jane Birkin
Marc Jacob collection inspired by the hippie chic 70s 

Barbara Streisand in the 70s

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