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Hamptons NY

By Elma B.

The Hamptons are located only a fairly short drive (of course depending on the traffic) from New York City and east of Long Island. Montauk (named after the Native Americans who were its inhabitants) and Sag Harbor are also commonly referred as the “Hamptons.” To the north of East Hamptons is the Gardiners Island, which is the largest privately owned island in the U.S. acquired by an English colonist.The high season lasts from May until September. October to January is the off-peak season.

The town is famous for its luxurious villas and its famous/influential/mega-wealthy guests and residents. Many TV shows like Gossip Girl and Revenge are filmed at the Hamptons; the place is associated with exclusivity and high society in the United States. For details, please see the photos below. 

Luxury Shops at the Hamptons

Gossip Girl filmed in the Hamptons 

The Grayson Mannor at the Hamptons
on the TV Show Revenge

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