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Marisa Miller'a Fitness Tips

By Aless G.

In my opinion this Super Top Model has one of the best bodies ever. In the fashion industry, she is known as the surfer model. The famous photographer Mario Testino discovered her, while surfing in California. Shortly, she was featured in the best magazines around the world; her most memorable moments were from Sports Illustrated and Victoria´s Secret shows/magazines.

She says that she is 100% natural, i.e. without plastic surgery. With that said, she still has to work out hard to stay in shape.

I think she has a body that inspires you to work out and eat healthy!!!

These are her DIET TIPS:

She said that working out is not a luxury; it´s a necessity.

For breakfast, she eats two bananas with almonds and yogurt; I cited her daily breakfast in my fitness post.

She never buys junk food to take home; when she is in the supermarket, she tries only to buy the healthiest things possible!!!

Once a week, when she goes to the cinema or hangs out with friends, she said that she can eat whatever she wants like a burger or hot dogs but she will not try to eat junk food in four or five days after. 

Some other diet tips: she said not to eat like your partner because a male’s body is different. If they bring home junk food, try to resist it. You can eat this only a few times per month not on a daily basis. You can make your own healthy burgers like veggie or tofu burger; it’s hard to do but it´s the healthier one.

For her flat stomach, she does at least once per day 300 crunches and jogs for one hour or surfs, depending on her location. She said that you have to be constant with your work out!!! 

For snacks, the best choice is fruit and yogurts or dry food. You have to watch sauces and salad dressings because they have more calories than the salad and are extra calories without a nutritional value.

Never drink sugar drinks or alcohol; she tries to drink a few times per year because alcohol is the worst enemy of your body.

Her last diet tip: drink every single day fruit juices like when you are out shopping or visiting cities. Order one natural fruit juice instead of soda or other drinks with fat sugars. It’s a healthy and natural way to watch your weight and stay far away from adding calories.

So if you want to be a BOMBSHELL like Marisa Miller, you know what you have to do!!! She eats what she “wants´” but afterwards the key is to burn all these extra calories off. Eat everything with a limit and afterwards work out at least 1 hour per day. Take your yoga pants and let´s work out!!!


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