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Istanbul Shopping

By Elma B.

This summer, I had a chance to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Istanbul. As I browsed around the city, I noticed in the shops and magazines that there was a unique spin to the Turkish urban style. The (vastly) dark haired beauties are a combination of exotic Central Asian and Eastern European looks. Many different nationalities had crossed paths in the Ottoman Empire that essentially gave rise to Mustafa Kemal’s modern Turkey. 

From my observation of many stores and fashion magazines, I saw that many of the trendy women like to wear one or two bold colored items or a bold colored dress/suit/pants/blouse. Also, I noticed the popularity of embroider beads on clothing, purses or accessories. I have included some photos of the streetstyle in Istanbul. Overall, I loved the city: one of the most gorgeous places on earth I have visited!!

Here are some chain stores that my friend Zeynep C. graciously provided (in case you are shopping in Istanbul): 

She referred these two upscale stores and praised the Vakko bags: 

She said this is a cool chain-boutique:

She lauded these very famous bikini and lingerie brands:

She also referred me to this famous Turkish fashion blog:

Istanbul Fashion Week 2012

Gisele Bundchen for Vogue Turkey

Ece Sukan: Editor-at-large for Vogue Turkey!

Street Art in Turkey
Ece Sukan: Editor-at-large for Vogue Turkey!

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