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Studded Sandals

Amra B. 

To commemorate the first warm day of this spring, I reached out from my studded sandals I had stored away last fall. Although, the weather was still not nearly as warm as it should have been, I thought that visiting the MET (Metropolitan Art Museum) would be the perfect occasion to wear some pretty footwear. I had missed the feeling of dresses with bare legs, and having the “fancy footwear” made me feel just like one of the characters from Gossip Girl; who could forget the daily school lunches on the steps of MET while deciding who was the ultimate school “queen?”

I combined my sandals with a little black dress and a purple coat. I added a pop of color with a blue purse and stuck with the black basic accessories (Audrey glasses and waist belt.) I walked around the Greek and Roman sculptures section, and when my feet finally gave out, I retired with a coffee in the MET cafĂ© that overlooks the beautiful Central Park. 

Wishing you loads of wonderful spring weather! 

Outfit: Coat French Connection, Dress H&M, purse Gucci, sandals Balenciaga, sunglasses Dolce & Gabbana

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (the MET)

On the famous MET steps where many of the Gossip Girl scenes were filmed 

View of the 5TH Avenue and Upper East Side 

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