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Street Style Tips for Coachella 2015

By Elma B.

Although I have never been to Coachella, I have been observing over the years the fun, flirty and illustrious street style of many of the festival's music goers. I even saw that the style in many high street shops was inspired by Coachella. Thus, as the festival fast approaches, I wanted to share my style tips for this fun and bohemian music festival. 

Style Tips for Coachella 2015

Me: Outfit Inspired by Coachella 

Shagadelic '70s

Firstly, I would definitely recommend steering your entire look in the direction of the happy-go-lucky hippie '70s. As luck would have it, the '70s have made a total come back this spring. Hence, it will be really easy to shop for the hippy-happy-go-lucky look. I wore the chunky 1970s inspired booties by Viktor and Rolf.  

Bohemian Flower Children 

Secondly, anything bohemian is completely appropriate for Coachella. I wore a partly sheer black laced jumpsuit from H&M. I think this piece will go a long way even after Coachella. Also, I added a faux-flower crown to complete the flower child look. 


Lastly, have fun. Style is as much about your attitude as it is about your clothes. Thus, this is your time to unwind and let loose after a very long winter! Take a look at my look below that was totally inspired by Coachella. Hope you enjoyed my style tips, what is your favorite Coachella look? Leave me a comment below, love hearing from you! Until next time, xoxo from New York City!

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