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5 Wardrobe Tips for Winter to Spring Transition

By Elma B.

Recently, it came to my attention that it can be difficult to dress for the spring transitioning period because while wanting to shed the winter layers and adopt the spring colors, you still want to keep cozy and warm. Thus, I wanted to provide you with 5 wardrobe tips for winter to spring transition.

5 Wardrobe Tips for Winter to Spring Transition   

1. Oversized knitted sweaters. XL tops have been the "it" wardrobe pieces for a while; they are comfortable and communicate to the outside world your "carefree" spirit. I would highly recommend the knits in the spring to keep you warm, comfortable and current with the warm seasons. 

2. Leggings. Leggings seem to be another timeless piece that you can transition from one season to another. Pick your favorite pair of leggings and pair them with an oversized top. I choose these camel colored leggings, which I could easily transition into the fall period with a pair of cool fringe booties. 

3. Sandals. To complete the spring look, wear a pair of sandals. While you bundle-up with an oversized sweater, your feet can afford to go bare. I am wearing a classical black and brown pair of Chloe sandals. 

4. Sunnies. Yes, it's spring time, which means more sunshine to brighten-up your face. To avoid squinting while walking to work or having lunch outside, pick out a pair of fun sunglasses that will turn heads. I picked out a retro pair from Urban Outfitters. 

5. Satchels. Satchels are a my favorite because of their comfort and size. They are easy to throw over your shoulder and walk out the door. Below, I am wearing a pink-purple satchel I bought in St. Tropez from Longchamps. 

There you have it fashionistas, 5 wardrobe tips for winter to spring transition. How do you keep cozy while staying stylish during the early spring? Leave me a comment, I love hearing from you! Until next time, xoxo from New York City!  

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