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Sexy Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

By Elma B.

I am currently enjoying the white sand beaches of Jamaica and its marble blue waters. The ambiance made it perfect to share with you a timeless fashion piece that is both comfortable, beautiful and a bit sexy. I am a huge fan of understated pieces with a bit of flare and that je ne sais quoi touch...and the jumpsuit embodies both. 

How to Style a Jumpsuit for Work & Play

Firstly, for play, I would suggest loosening up the look by wearing flats (or barefoot if on the beach). Let your hair down and sport the bare minimum. That is the beauty of a jumpsuit, you can get way with wearing the bare minimum. 

Secondly, for work, easily slip on a blazer and wear stilettos. I suggest sporting stilettos to balance out the wide legged pants. For a touch of glamour, add a floppy hat and a marvelous clutch; for inspirational ideas, here is how I pulled off the "jumpsuit glamour look."

There you have it fashionistas, some styling tips on how to pull off the jumpsuit for both work and play. This piece is one sexy spring/summer fashion trend that will remain timelessly beautiful. Until next time, xoxo from the Caribbean! 

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Love, love, love the jumpsuit!


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