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How to Style Yourself In the Fall

By Elma B.

Frosty mornings and cool breezes, the leaves are turning into beautiful golden browns...this can only mean one thing...the fall is here! One of my favorite parts about autumn is fall fashion-- playing around with various textures, with the magnificent orange, yellow and deep red colors, and layering.

I wanted to compose a list for you on how to style yourself in the fall. Mainly, how to take advantage of the layers, the textures, colors and just let your creative side shine. Without further ado...

Top 5 Styling Tips For the Fall 


1. Fall colors. 

For your wardrobe, aside from the standard black, brown and gray, you can pick  from a myriad of brilliant colors: deep purple, orange, yellow, red, and green. For the fall, think earthy colors. For a true fashionista look, try blocking colors, e.g., wearing orange and maroon together or hot pink and bold purple together. For instance, opt for an orange shirt and maroon pants coupled with a camel colored sweater to balance out the colors.  

Orange coat for the fall 

2. Textures. 

Opt for wool, cashmere or cotton. If choosing silk, make sure to have a blazer or a sweater nearby incase the wind gets too breezy. Set aside the linens and other thin materials. The goal is to feel comfortable, warm and stylish. 

3. Accessories. 

Fashion is as much about pairing unexpected colors together as it is as about accessories. Aside from statement jewelry pieces, which are often covered up by coats and long sleeves, opt for a vivacious hat that is visible when strolling on the streets. My personal favorite is the floppy hat. 

Floppy hats are perfect for the fall 

4. Booties. 

There is so much you can do with a bootie, dress-up, dress-down or just make a chic fashion statement. This fall, try the peep-toe bootie. I must admit, it is not very practical for the winter days but play around with the look in the fall while the weather permits. Otherwise, always pick a boot that looks the best on you. Here is a guide on picking the right boot for your leg type. 

5. Bags. 

Fall is a perfect time to pick out your glam bag--buckles, fringe or chains, nothing is too much. Of course, I recommend balancing-out your outfit if your bag is extravagant, tone down the rest of your look. 

There you have it fashionistas, the top 5 styling tips for getting together your fall look. Below, you will see how I put together my fall look and some of my favorite fall fashion pieces. Until next time, stay cozy and fabulous. Xoxo.

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