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Choosing The Best Jeans For Your Shape

By Kati Miller 

Picking out the perfect pair of jeans can be exhausting and just plain frustrating. Therefore, I have come up with a guide to picking out that perfect pair of jeans for just about every body type and personality.

How to Pick the Perfect Jeans For Your Body Type:

1. Hourglass.

This shape can rock almost any cut of jeans but it really depends on your personality to which would work best for you. Skinny jeans will highlight your curves and can look absolutely amazing; just make sure you choose a pair with a stretch to make room for those hips and that bangin’ booty. If you’re uncomfortable with this look, go for either a pair of strait legs, which gives you the skinny look without feeling like they’re painted on or wide-legged trouser jeans, which will enhance that tiny waist of yours. 

A slim bootcut jean is also another viable option, you can never go wrong with this look and every hourglass figure should have a pair in her closet. No matter which style works for you, just make sure that you pick a pair that have larger pockets to even out your booty and isn’t too low rise or you may be at risk for exposing a little more than you or your onlookers bargained for!

Wide legged jeans 

2. Pear or Plus Size:

Search for any pair of jeans with a flare or bootcut to balance out your bottom half and go after the mid-rises to elongate your legs. Love the skinny jean look? 

Pair them with a long flowy tunic or even a pair of strait leg jeans, which gives you the same feel without squeezing your thighs to death. Whatever you do, stay away from high-waist jeans as they will create a disproportioning affect; instead, choose a trouser style that is snug through the hips and then wider through the legs. In terms of color, dark washes are your best friend but if you must have a lighter style, make it an even wash; jeans with fading or "whiskering" around the hips or rear highlight the largest part of you. Let’s talk details: make it simple and avoid tiny back pockets like the plague.

Dark wash jeans 

3. Apple.

If you carry your weight around the middle, choose a pair of jeans with a little more “give” in the waistline but be sure to show off those gorgeous stems of yours and by all means choose a straight leg fit! A skinny bootcut will also work really well to balance out your midsection while highlighting your legs. However, avoid high-waist trousers, which will draw attention to your middle area and steer clear of a super tight fit but if you must have your skinnies (we all do!), be sure to pair them with a long flowy tunic.

Skinny-straight-leg jeans 

4. Inverted Triangle.

Your goal should be to add volume around the hips and rear end, evening out the broadness of your shoulders and defining the waist, creating more of an hourglass shape. Choose a pair of jeans that are mildly tapered to the knee and have a slight flare at the bottom; a slim bootcut would be best for this look. Similarity, skinny jeans tucked into oversized boots, as seen above, help create this silhouette as well. A wide leg fit helps to balance out your bust but beware of straight-leg jeans as these will make your waistline less defined, instead, opt for a low-rise fit. In terms of color, choose a lighter wash, which will draw the eye downward and away from your upper half; dark, solid-colored jeans will make your hips appear smaller. 

A lighter wash down the center of the front and back of the thigh will add fullness to slim legs and small pocket embellishments will do the same for your backside but be sure to avoid jeans with no pockets or large rear pockets, as this will make your rear look less shapely.

Street style: boyfriend jeans

5. Ruler. 

You can pretty much rock any style (hello, light wash skinny crop jeans!); it just depends on your personality and the features you want to show off. If you want curves, an ultra-skinny fit will literally create them for you; a skinny high rise will do the same and make your legs look like they go on for days. Light washes, low rises, embellishments and small pockets will also help your cause as they make you frame appear slightly fuller. 

On the other hand, if you want to remain long and lean, strait leg jeans are the way to go; they will elongate your legs and show off your thin frame; dark washes and mid rises are also good to accentuate a thinner appearance. Whatever you do, beware of the bootcut/flare jean as they can swamp your body and make you look bottom heavy.

Karlie Kloss wearing skinny jeans 

Street style: skinny jeans

6. Petite (Half Ruler!).

Most petite women strive to lengthen their legs. Long, super skinny cuts will best help you achieve this silhouette while showing off your tiny figure and curves. Additionally, a pair of high-waist trousers will help create the illusion of height and length. Whatever you do, don’t go for a bootcut, they will swamp your body and make you look bottom heavy, not a cute look; furthermore, avoid cropped cuts or capris as these will visually shorten the line of your leg. 

Instead, opt for strait leg jeans and when wearing heels, make sure the hem is about 1cm off of the floor, which will give the illusion of longer legs. In terms of embellishments, stay away from oversize buttons or large/long pockets that will overwhelm a petite figure, rather, go for small flap pockets, which are great for the appearance of a rounded booty.

Straight leg jeans 

Now that you’re armored with the facts, hopefully jean shopping will be less painful in the future! Until next time fashionistas, signing-off from Las Vegas! 


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