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Why Style Is Important

Amra B. 

In light of the interview I recently did for a UK style magazine, I wanted to discuss what style means to me. I think that many may shun the topic of “style” and “fashion” as purely “superficial,” but I insist that addressing this topic means addressing a deeper aspect of the human psyche. We admire many people for their style, but what is it that really intrigues us about these “simple forms of garments?”

Formula for Style: 

A friend told me once that there are no beautiful or ugly women; simply, there are those women who take care of themselves and those who do not.  I find this to be absolutely true; numerous times I have witnessed same people transform themselves from an “ugly duckling” to a “beautiful swan” (and vice versa) with some (relatively) simple style changes. How did they do it? What is “style” and how is it connected to beauty? 

If I had to simplify the formula for great style, I would say that stylish people: choose clothes that fit well (or have them professionally tailored/altered), groom their hair, and maintain their skin and teeth. They pick out clothes carefully and are incredibly skilled in hiding their flaws while emphasizing their qualities. 

For me, style has become an extension of my personality. I project my feelings through my clothes and I find that I do this many times subconsciously. If I feel beautiful, I find that I dress particularly well that day too. However, I also find that this works the other way around as well; I counter bad days by carefully picking out attire and taking extra time on makeup and hair. Small changes can have a huge impact on my mood, and looking great outside can extraordinarily impact the way I feel inside! 

Style is also about discipline; while most of my peers are sleeping, I get up an hour ahead to do my hair, makeup and pick out what I would like to wear for the day. I don’t wakeup looking the way I do, but I make sure that when I step out of the house I always put my best foot forward. I also find that nurturing myself from the inside out cuts a lot of time I spend on getting ready; if my skin is glowing because of a healthy workout and diet, I put on a lot less makeup. 

Over the years I have found that my environment can have a powerful impact on what I feel inside. The same is true of what I wear; if I take time to carefully pick out my attire and feel incredibly satisfied with my choice, my mood will elevate. At the same time, bad styling choices have left me uncomfortable, dissatisfied, and feeling rather unattractive. 

Styling Yourself Beautifully:

Great style may elevate our mood and improve our self-esteem, but it has also has the power to change our future. Studies have shown that people “perceived” as beautiful tend to be more successful; they land better jobs and earn greater salaries. Note that “perception” is the keyword, because you don’t have to be beautiful to be perceived as such. Beauty may be about proportions, but there are numerous celebrities that have the before and after photos to prove that masterful styling can almost entirely be responsible for “good looks.” 

If beauty is about how we feel inside, make sure that next time you walk out the door your inside matches your outside! 

Wishing you a great day! ☺ 

Outfit: Zara jumpsuit, Tods shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, vintage bracelet 

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