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How to Achieve Glowing Summer Skin

By Catherine Santino
Edited by Lara Medic

How to Achieve Glowing Skin:

Glowing skin is a look that everyone strives for in the summertime. It may seem impossible to achieve, especially for those of us with incredibly dry skin like myself, but I have found a few tried and true ways of ensuring that your skin looks fresh and beautiful. Here are my beauty tips on achieving fresh glowing skin!

Key Products to Use:

Before I get into a tutorial, I want to mention the key products that I have found to be crucial when creating this look. 

Primer: A clean, smooth palette for your foundations is one of the top beauty tips in making sure it stays on all day long. I am new to face primer, but I have truly seen a difference in my makeup since I've started using it. It allows makeup to apply to the skin much easier, and makes it significantly more long-lasting. (I used: Elf Mineral Face Primer in Clear)

Kim Kardashian with glowing skin 

Moisturizer: I can’t put enough emphasis on the importance of a good moisturizer. The hydration is provides for your skin is the basis for a glowing complexion. It’s also wise to use one with SPF to protect your skin from the sun. (I used: Olay All Day Complete Moisturizer) 

Cara Delevingne with glowing skin 

BB Cream: BB Cream (essentially, a tinted moisturizer) is something I have just started using this summer and I am completely loving it. I find that it helps prevent my makeup from getting patchy throughout the day (which is so difficult to prevent when you have dry skin), so I've been mixing it in with my foundation. BB Cream is one of the most popular beauty tips out right now. It is great for those summer days when you don’t really feel like wearing makeup, but still want a little bit of coverage. (I used: Covergirl CGsmoothers BB Cream in 805, fair to light) 

Other Essentials When Creating Glowy Skin:

Bronzer: Bronzer is essential for creating glowy skin. It’s important to find one that doesn't make your skin look muddy, but also one that is not overly shimmery or sparkly. (I used: Bare Minerals Warmth) 

Jennifer Lopez with glowing skin

Highlighter: A little goes a long way with highlighter. Applying just a dab to the cheekbones is an extremely effective way of achieving a dewy, glowing complexion. (I used: Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Highlighter Stick in Sparking Sands)

Miranda Kerr with glowing skin 

Powder: Even though you want to create a glowing look, you still want to set your makeup with powder. It will keep it on longer and prevent shine throughout the day. (I used: Neutrogena Shine Control Powder) 

Models with glowing skin 

Face Spray: Using a hydrating spray to finish off your makeup is a great beauty tip in creating that final touch. You can also bring it with you to refresh and cool down your skin in the summertime to prevent the heat from taking a toll on your makeup.


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