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Black and White

By Amra B. 

With this unpredictable “spring” weather in NYC, I am left with no choice but to wear layers as temperatures can drop or rise by up to 10-15 C in matter of hours.  One of the easiest ways for me to layer clothes is to keep them within the same color spectrum; black on black, white on white, or a combination of both. It is hard to go wrong with the black on white ensemble as the two compliment each other so well. 

For the office look, I would suggest white-wide-legged trousers with a dark (black) top for a little edgier look; black cigarette pants and a white button down are a classic that never goes out of style. Pair of classic black pumps will also go a long way.

Black and White

Black and White 
Fashionista Olivia Palermo in Black and White Outfits 

For an every day look, I love to pair up leather pants and a white t-shirt or a sweater. I also love a pair of ripped white jeans and a printed black tee with classic Converse or a pair of Hogans (like mine below). 

Wishing you a great day!

Outfit: Pants Zara, sweater vintage, scarf Alexander McQueen, purse Salvatore Ferragamo, shoes Hogan. 


life in detail said...

Hi Amra! Thanx for the tips your blog is very inspiring and we follow you on your journey. We run an accessories line & blog as well.

Do you work full time with the blog or do you have another work?

And finally do you have any good tips on blogging?

Thank you


Clubfashionista said...

@lifeindetail Thank your for your compliment. We have over twenty bloggers on CF and some of them work part time and some blog full time. We will try and do an article in the future on blogging. If you have any specific questions, feel free to email us. Thanks again! :)


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