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Top 5 Fashion Pieces for the Cold Weather

By Elma B.

Aspen is gorgeous: picturesque, full of friendly people, amazing ski slopes and did I mention delicious food? Since I travel often, there are a few key pieces I always carry to stay warm in the cold weather. These key warm pieces are easy to pack when traveling and are quick to put-on when on the go and rushing out the door. Did I mention comfortable?

1. Beanie hat. Beanie hat is wearable during the chilly days of fall, winter, and spring. Styling tip: wearing the beanie upright is the new trend this season; beware: make sure wearing the beanie upright compliments your head shape. 

2. Faux fur. Faux fur is easy (and always fabulous) to wear over a dress or jeans during the chilly fall and winter days. You can wear it to work over a pencil dress or when out and about on a casual stroll with skinny pants. If you wear the faux fur, it is usually the best to pair it with skinny jeans or tighter dress to even out the bulkiness the faux fur creates on your upper body. If you are fairly slender, you can get away with wearing the faux fur with wide-legged pants or maxi dress/skirt; beware: your body will look shapeless. 

3. Long and bulky scarf. A long scarf you can wrap around your neck several times is always chic and not to mention warm. I recommend having a few so that no matter how monotone or conservative your outfit, you can always spice-up your look with a bulky and long scarf. 

Black Cashmere Scarf from Ann Taylor
4. Long boots (flats). I am a fan of the ones I am wearing that almost cover your knee. This style elongates your leg and keeps you very warm. Since the long boots are flat, you can get away with waring a shorter dress/skirt. Did I mention they are extremely comfortable so you can walk miles and miles? Stuart Weitzman has the ones I am wearing in brown and black suede. 

5. Lined Gloves. Many of us buy gloves yet our fingers still end-up freezing. I suggest buying lined gloves so that you will be able to carry your handbag without having your fingers freeze and maybe even feel pain. I bought UGG black leather gloves lined with cashmere, and I have been wearing them for three winters now. 

 What are your top 5 easy fashion pieces that keep you warm during the chilly fall, winter and spring weather? Leave us a comment below, we love hearing from you. Signing off from Aspen...xoxo.  

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Kim Reed said...

Love love this outfit! it is PERFECT

Anonymous said...

I just think it is too cold to wear a knit dress when there is snow outside


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