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My Personal Story: From Fashion Conscious to Fashionista

By Elma B. 

Before Club Fashionista, my entire look consisted of very classic and risk-averse pieces, i.e. there was nothing out of the box or unconventional. Let’s just say that Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn were my go to guides for anything fashion. While I still adore both of them for their elegance and style, change can be refreshing and fun.


What Change of Style Fits You? 

I suggest vintage and/or unusual accessories, which you can find in Forever 21 or Topshop, both of which are edgy and affordable. Statement accessories are a good first step to get outside of your comfort zone and start experimenting with style. Another great strategy for picking out unusal accessories is exploring consignment stores. Advantages: this is where you can find some vintage gems, which will ensure that you will not see anyone else wearing the same piece. After all, almost no one wants to be a copy; be original.

How to Pick Out Statement Accessories?

What I have discovered with fashion is that anything that stands out and is different from what you usually see in the window shops or in the stores is what you should grab. What is trending right now are animals like owls, long horns, or eagles, or flower necklaces (see my jewelry below).

My Accessories:
Emporio Armani Purse and Forever 21 Jewelry 
Booties: Juicy Couture 
Until next time, stay chic and fashionable. XOXO. 

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