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5 Handmade Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

By Rachel Burt

There is nothing better than receiving a gift that you know was made with love and was uniquely designed for you. The great news is that handmade gifts do not cost a lot yet say a ton: mainly, someone else was worth your time and deserves more than a commercial anyone can buy it piece. 

Since my roots are coastal, I use the beach as my source of inspiration to come-up from various Christmas gifts for my friends and family. The beach has helped me create trendy holiday gifts (and helped cut costs) since I was a little girl. 

Me in New York City  
Hence, I want to share with you 5 gift ideas, which you can handcraft yourself and customize for your beloved ones.  

(1) Driftwood Christmas Trees

Here on the East Coast, especially during the winter, there is loads of driftwood left on the beach. If you are fortunate enough to live near an ocean, there are tons of local boutiques and shops that sell driftwood really cheaply.

Driftwood Christmas trees are great because they are beachy, natural, eco-friendly, and can last a whole lifetime! There are over 25 ways to make Driftwood Christmas trees. You can make them large, medium or small; they can be used as centerpieces for your dinner table, can be mantled onto a wall, or be substituted for that big ol’ Christmas tree you have to clean after every year! 

Here, I will show you how to make a simple, medium sized driftwood tree for your home.

What You Need:

(A) Rebar or Dowel
(B) Driftwood
(C) Scrap-wood Base
(D) Drilling tool
(E) Starfish

How to make a Driftwood Christmas Tree? 

For a sturdy tree that lasts forever: Drill the holes in the center of the driftwood, and in the center of the scrap-wood base and slip the wood over the rebar. Top it off with a glittery starfish and maybe some white lights; decorate as you prefer. Voila!

Illustration: How to Make a Driftwood Christmas Tree 

(2) Shell Ornaments

My favorite fun holiday ideas are these easy to do shell ornaments! The shell ornaments are irresistibly adorable, and everyone loves handmade ornaments. I personally like my Christmas trees to have a theme; so, white lights and white glittery shells became my theme. 

What You Need:

Glitter (optional)
Hot Glue
Pearls (optional)

Last year, I fell in love with the angel shell ornaments, and snowmen; my sister and I literally made hundreds.

(3) Seaglass Earrings

I am a lover of jewelry; and we all know, you cannot go wrong with jewelry as a gift because beautiful jewels fit all body sizes. 

Another perk to picking sea-glass up from the beach is that you have even more of a reason to go outside in the fresh air and in nature, and consequently do some exercise. I personally make my own sea-glass jewelry for all my friends and family every year; and they always love it. If you are not feeling up to the task, you can buy them in many local stores and boutiques with handcrafted items. Alternatively, check out Etsy to support local artists as well.

My Seaglass Earrings 
(4) Crochet 

Crochet in the Winter 

What a better activity to do than sit by a cozy fireplace, while it is chilly and snowing outside, than to make crochet. Crochet scarves, hats, hand warmers, and leg warmers will make someone very happy and special this year; after all everyone loves a handmade and customized gift. They are fashionable, warm, cozy, and made with love! 

(5) Artsy Candleholders For All Occasions

You can make one yourself and pick out your own patterns and materials. If not feeling crafty at all, then head on over to the local crafts and flea markets, boutiques and even top of the line brands, which will almost certainly be offering artsy candleholders for sale.  

‘Tis the season to be merry, thankful, giving, and partaking pleasure in even the smallest gifts. 

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