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Ancient Beauty Secrets: How To Use Argan Oil

By Rachel Burt

Ancient Beauty Secrets: How to Use Argan Oil 

Ancient Beauty Secrets:
The Skinny on How to Use Argan Oil
I remember a couple years ago I had a rare skin reaction on my face that was actually caused by an internal virus. I was battling against overdosing on antibiotics and creams to help heal and cover up the problem for over a month. During this time, I had taken a trip to Morocco and discovered Argan Oil on sale at one of the markets. 

Argan Oil: A Look Behind Morocco’s 
Ancient Beauty Ointment
Wondering what was the hype about this oil, I asked a gentleman selling it to explain how to  use it and its benefits. He told me argan oil is one of the most sacred oils in the world and that it is used as a treatment for hair and skin. I then showed him the infection I had, and he promised me argan oil would help cure it. After a couple days of use, my skin had started to clear up, it felt like a miracle.

My Quest to find Argan Oil: Me (left in blue scarf) in Morocco 
Coming from one of the rarest drought resistant plants, argan oil grows on argan trees found only in the hot dry lands of Morocco. It is an ancient natural remedy and a superfood, organic by nature, and has been used for centuries by the Moroccan women as a moisturizer and cosmetic secret for skin and hair. In Morocco, you can find argan oil sold in the form of soap, massage oil, hair oil, face oil, lotion, nut butter and cooking oil.

Photos: Where Argan Oil Comes From & How it Looks Like
Here in the States, it is beginning to explode all over as a beauty treatment found mostly in shampoos, conditioners, and soap. For instance, Organix, a well known American brand, is now using argan oil in their products.

How to Use Aragan Oil: Health and Beauty Tips

* Face and Body: You can use Argan oil on your face or you entire body, and you will see the wrinkles disappear. It can help treat skin dehydration, anti-aging properties, acne, psoriasis, chickenpox, or any skin related disease.

Eva Mendes & Marion Cotillard: Huge Fans of Argan Oil
* Hands and Nails: Apply Argan oil directly to hands and feet by rubbing into your cuticles and nails to nourish and penetrate all-over.

* Hair: Apply the oil directly to hair when damp to condition and moisturize the scalp and then comb through. For an extreme effect, wrap a towel around your head for about 15-20 minutes to help absorb all the minerals. This will moisturize dry hair, adding shine, ridding frizz, and nourish damaged hair from sun or coloring. Argan oil will help bring out the natural shine in your hair!

Tips When Buying Argan Oil

When buying Argan oil make sure its in its purest form, "cold pressed argan oil." Other methods involve heat, which degrades its mineral content and destroys its natural properties. 

The cold weather months, means drier air, which causes lack of moisture and takes a toll on our skin and hair! Nothing can beat the natural ancient miracle remedies like Argan oil. Nature does it best!

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