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Your Guide To: The Top Three Festival Season Fashion Must Haves

By Sammy Jade

Your Guide To: The Top Three Festival Season Fashion Must Haves

With the temperamental Australian weather showing off at the moment, we are currently enjoying the sunshine, warmth and blue skies, which are being welcomed with open arms and an eagerly awaiting bikini collection. And, with Summer making its pending presence known, we excitedly look towards the upcoming festival season, appreciating our hard earned Winter money before it is inevitably blown on festival tickets and a much needed wardrobe update.

If you are like me, and despite the many times you have wished upon a shooting star, birthday candles, dandelions or eyelashes, that infinite amount of money is still making its way to your bank account (it must have taken a wrong turn or something), for now we must do with what we have, as limited as that may be. Combine that with the multitude of concert options, and the need to have the cutest festival wear (trust us, it’s a need), and our wallets may not be on the same page of appreciating our enthusiasm.

Ok, so you’ve purchased your ticket- or five, now aspirations have grown after searching through Google for inspiration from the last Coachella Festival- I present to you this years top 3 festival fashion must haves to save you time and money on unnecessarily purchased items you’re probably going to regret later (it looked so good in the shop!).

Flower Hair Bands

With Lana Del Rey the unofficial ambassador to this recently popular trend, it is pretty safe to say that this festival season is all about embracing your inner flower child, and, with the array of colours, sizes and arrangements available, there is one to suit every hippy at heart.

Wear this trend with soft, flowing curls or a Boho style side fishtail braid, placing the band over the hair to create volume with ease.

The Ankle Boot

The Ankle Boot is the festival fashion equivalent of that one person at school that got along with everyone.


Which makes this style too perfect for the pending season. It provides style, comfort, and protection from accidental excitement trampling of feet (that’s the technical term for it, anyway).

Pair these puppies up with almost anything to suit any mood or climate; a flowing summer dress for that Summer time Boho look, denim cut offs for a Daisy Duke feel, jeans for the cooler days, or a fun playsuit to add a cheeky touch.


At the moment I find myself drawn towards sunglasses, and that is because a good pair can really set the feel of an outfit, which makes them perfect for your wardrobe dilemmas of the pending festival season. Not only does a fabulous pair protect your eyes from UV rays and shield from irritating glare, they can turn any outfit from drab to fab in 0.5. 

At the moment I am really loving the 70’s inspired John Lennon style sunnies for the ultimate retro/hippy feel, as well as reflectors for a touch of edginess, and embellished frames that have become popular amongst many high end designers, as seen with the lust-worthy floral designs of Dulce & Gabbana.

This festival season is all about mixing it up with an eclectic mix of styles from an array of eras. Its almost Summer, and, much like the weather, the music scene is just heating up and its time to let your inner wild child out.

Happy Festivities! 

Sammy Jade

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