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What to Do on a Saturday in Chicago: Top 3 Travel Tips

By Elma B.

Saturday must be my favorite day of the week because that is one day of the week I take off entirely for myself; no work, just pleasure! The day seems long and best of all--fulfilling! So, what to do on a Saturday? This past Saturday, there was so much sunshine that the options were endless...

Chicago River (left) & Michigan Avenue (top right)
As I have recently relocated to Chicago, here are my top picks:

(1) Millenium Park: Travel tip--be on the lookout for special events, this Saturday there was the mouthwatering Chicago Gourmet Food Festival, where cooks from all around the world showed off their talent by doing live cooking shows and having the opportunity to taste best of the best. Travel tip #2--bring your camera as the photos with all the greenery and flowers will be spectacular! 

(2) Chicago Institue of Art: Travel tip--be on the lookout for special exhibitions; we stumbled upon Impressionism and Fashion, which made its way all the way from Musee d'Orsey in Paris! Travel tip #2--be sure to see the extremly impressive collection of impressionist paintings (the second largest after Musee d'Orsey) with plenty of pieces by Renoir, Monet and Manet. 

(3) Shopping: Just within a short walking distance (about 15 minutes) from the Millennium Park and the Chicago Institute of Art is the famous Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue, you can find anywhere from luxury stores like Saks Fifth Avenue to H&M. There is plenty of shopping stores to choose from! 

For you fashionistas, below, I am wearing a Zara dress, Rampage booties, Louis Vuitton bag and Versace sunnies, a Forever XXI elephant necklace, Intermix bracelet and a Dolce & Gabbana watch. My style was a bit boho, which is perfect and easy for a Saturday! I hope you enjoyed this post beauties (and gents.), stay tuned for my other travel, beauty, fitness, and fashion tips! XOXO...

Beautiful Flowers in Millennium Park 

Chicago Gourmet Food Festival in Millenium Park 
Chicago Institute of Art 
Impressionism, Fashion & Modernity Special Exhibition
Renoir in Chicago Institute of Art 
Countless of Impressionism Paintings
in Chicago Institute of Art 
In Millenium Park 

Greek Pottery 
Chicago River  

On Michigan Avenue

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