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South Beach, Miami

By Amra B. 

South Beach become famous when the "cocaine cowboys" used the location to distribute drugs across America in the 1980s (think Scarface). Today, it is famous for the continuous partying (pretty much 24/7). There are pool parties during the day, after beach parties in the late afternoon, lounges for drinks (before the clubs), and some of the best discos until late night, followed by the after parties until early morning (you never have to go home if you don't want to). Next time you are in Miami, my recommendation for a night out would be: Mr Chow for dinner, W hotel for first drinks (easy to transfer from Mr Chow because the restaurant is in the hotel, so you don't have to worry about the line), and LIV for full blown partying! 

If you are not in a party mood, I would recommend one of my fav sushi places in Miami: Doraku (they have spectacular sushi- see my photos below)! Sushi Samba is great if you want to grab cocktails after your dinner. W hotel has a pool outside and you can sip cocktails under the stars (perfect for drinks). 

This weekend, I tried to maximize my time on the beach. It is October and already getting cold in some parts of the world. However, in Miami, it is a full blown summer! In spirit of my trip to USA, I wore an American flag cropped top. I combined it with red-high-waisted harem pants and silver flat sandals. Miami is full of bright colors and beach wear, and I thought this outfit was perfect for the occasion. 

Wishing you an amazing day from South Beach! 


Outfit*: Top Primark, purse Emporio Armani, pants Forever 21, sandals Zara, sunnies Steve Madden 

Doraku sushi

American flag cropped top


Anonymous said...


FashionGuru said...

Miami BITCH! Hot outfit!

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Unknown said...

I would wear this top with a retro skirt from the 50s. It would look great!

Unknown said...

sexy mamasita

Unknown said...

love your hair

Unknown said...

What a great style to model this kind of casual clothes, I love it. I love your hair sweet Amra!


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