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Advice from a Fashionista on Photography and Styling

By Elma B.

Location of the Mini-Shoot

The photos were taken in front of the Washington Monument in Washington DC. The background, the lighting and the angle are like the holy trinity when taking photos. Make sure that all three are covered well when you do your photo shoots. Lastly, the type of camera does matter; sometimes, the iPhone will do a good job if there is a lot of light; however, mostly, the shots will be fuzzy. Thus, if possible, do your best to get a professional camera; tip: look for a used one that is in an extremely good shape. 

Photographer's Tips

Always pick a shooting location that inspires you. Moreover, make sure that the location has some charm, e.g., an old abandoned factory or a beautiful park filled with greenery and colors. Finally, like I said, lighting is everything; best photos are captured during daytime when there is a lot of lighting or during sunsets/sunrises. 

My Outfit Dissected

Below, I am wearing crochet shorts and necklaces from Forever XXI, Theory shirt, Zara sandals, Intermix bracelet, Dolce & Gabbana watch, Burberry tote, and Giorgio Armani sunglasses. My makeup: Lancome and Makeup Forever.  

Shopping Tips

For luxury goods, 1. vintage, i.e., consignment shops are always a good idea because of the price and the uniqueness of the item. In another words, you will not spot another fashionista with the same bag or shoes. 2. outlet malls are amazing places to spot bargains. You can find shoes, bags, watches, etc. for third the price! 

Styling Tips

1. Wear colors that flatter your hair and skin complexion, e.g., for brunettes yellows and oranges will do the trick.
2. Wear clothing that flatters you, e.g, if you have long legs show them off or if you have amazing cleavage bring it to attention.  Remember, dress in moderation and leave at least a tad bit to imagination. 
3. Finally, relax; beauty radiates from the inside! 

Hope you found my guide on photography and styling beneficial, until next time...xoxo! 

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