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The Power of Yoga

By Amra B.

I first came across Yoga as a child when I met a man in Finland who was regularly meditating in an open grass field. I thought it looked a little strange, and I had assumed it was some sort of special religious ritual that he was doing to pray. I later got re-introduced to Yoga in a park when I saw a group of practitioners in a DC park and decided to join in for a session. So, what makes yoga so popular that tons of people appear totally hooked?

Yoga is a generic term for the physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India with a view to attain a state of permanent peace [1]. Whether used for fitness or as therapy, yoga, ultimately, is about transformation and growth. Yoga has tremendous potential for improving our mental and physical health, and even our emotional balance and spiritual well-being. There are many branches of Yoga, and one of the most popular types practiced in Europe and the Unites States is Hatha yoga, i.e. the physical postures (yoga asanas) and yogic breathing techniques (pranayama). The yoga postures and yoga breathing techniques of Hatha yoga are aimed at purifying and strengthening the body. They are also meant to clear our mind by reducing the “constant chatter of the mind.” [2]

What keeps so many celebrities going to yoga classes daily? We are able to experience peace at the end of each session and an enhanced wellbeing over the next couple of days. We are also able to improve the tone and the flexibility of our muscles. You will notice that yoga teachers have amazingly lean bodies with a calm and happy personality to match. You will also sleep better each night and get rid of your body aches. Posing improves posture and strengthens back muscles to keep aches at bay! So, have YOU practiced yoga today? 


The VIDEO and instructions below are great for the beginners interested in yoga! 

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