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The Most Popular Lipstick Colors

By Amra B. 

Over the weekend, I took an opportunity to shop for some new lipsticks/lip glosses. I already have one too many, but there is nothing that can help change my look or lighten my face like an amazing color on my lips. In the end, I bought two lip glosses from Chanel. They are pretty classic and I think will work perfectly for the fall. This got me thinking, what are the most popular colors and brands of lipsticks and lip glosses out there.? Below is a compilation of some of the favorites around the world, including my all time favorites: 

Kiko Lipstick 84
This is one of my favorite all time lipsticks. Kiko makes amazing lipsticks that last a long time and are high in pigments. I wear this red usually in the evening, but it can also work during the day. It is the brightest red you will find and it will stay put all night long. 

Me wearing Kiko Lipstick 84
Nars Turkish Delight 
Turkish Delight is quite famous, considering many jumped for the gloss after Kim Kardashian let the world know that she wore it regularly and it was one of her favorites. I like this color for the day and feel it goes well with many skin tones.

Kim Kardashian wearing Nars Turkish Delight

Guerlain KissKiss Precious Colors Lipstick Insolence de Rouge #522
This lipstick is very popular with many fashionistas and has overall great reviews. It has a "creamy and luxurious" feel. It goes on smoothly and stays put. The color remains true to the initial application and resists feathering. The scent is like vanilla or violets. This lipstick shade is also the closest to the one Marilyn Monroe wore. 

Guerlain KissKiss Precious Colors Lipstick Insolence de Rouge #522

Chanel Insolente (65) Rouge Allure Lipstick
Chanel Insolente Rouge Allure is a brightening pink. It has blue undertones. It’s a fabulous color that will definitely make your face glow. It’s densely pigmented and has a fabulous color payoff too. It doesn’t dry lips. 

Chanel Insolente (65) Rouge Allure Lipstick

Kiko 604 Bright Orange 
I have used this color of lipstick for over 2 years now and I think it is the BEST orange colored lipstick I have ever seen. It is extremely bright, but does not look neon. It is classy and young at the same time. I wore it to my trip to Monaco and it went so well with a white dress (pic below). This is a long lasting lipstick, and it lasted all day without much reapplication. 

Me wearing Kiko 604 Bright Orange 

Chanel Hydrabase Creme Lipstick No. 18 Rouge Noir/Vamp
Not only was the intense, super dark nail polish a hit (think Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction), the lipstick flew off the shelves as well.

Chanel Hydrabase Creme Lipstick No. 18 Rouge Noir/Vamp

Kiko Lipstick 92
I wear this lipstick almost EVERY SINGLE DAY! If I am not wearing it alone, I am layering it over other lipstick. Even if I have a bad lipstick that glides off, I will wear this lipstick underneath to make sure it stays put. This is THE MOST PERFECT natural lip color I have found (it has just a tiny bit more pink tone than my lips). 

Me wearing KIKO Lipstick 92 in Costa Rica

Clinique High Impact Lip Colour SPF 15 Red-Y to Wear
This "creamy and moisturizing" lipstick goes on smooth, while still feeling "solid enough to stay put for many hours." Readers adore how "highly pigmented" and "intense" the color is, not to mention the plentiful selection of shades. 

Clinique High Impact Lip Colour SPF 15 Red-Y to Wear
Mac Pink Pigeon 
MAC Pink Pigeon is the ultimate true pink lipstick. It has blue tones to it, and it leans towards the royal pink or raani pink as they call it. Being a MAC lippie, it has fabulous pigmentation and a staying power. It is the brightest pink in the MAC range.

Mac Pink Pigeon 

Chanel Brillant Extreme 169 and Chanel Brillant Extreme 158 (Recent purchases and my recommendations for the fall) 

Both of these lip glosses are great for the day. They are very moisturizing (something I appreciate in the fall when the temperatures get colder and my lips drier. I also like how I can control the color intensity depending on how many layers I use (more layers intensify the color). 

Chanel Brillant Extreme 169 and Chanel Brillant Extreme 158 

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