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How to Look Great Without Makeup in 9 Simple Steps

By Elma B.


So, you may be running late to work or you are tired of wearing a mask, whatever your reason, almost everyone can concur that it is refreshing to go out without having to worry about your makeup. Bottom line, most of us like to be recognizable and beautiful after taking off our makeup. In the photos below, I will use a Club Fashionista girl, and a professional model--Merima Ramadanovic--to demonstrate how to look great without makeup:

Club Fashionista Girl, Merima Ramadanovic, Without Makeup

Rosie Huntington Whitley (for Balmain)
and Sienna Miller Without Makeup
Nicole Richie and Beyonce Without Makeup 
Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe and
Penelope Cruz Without Makeup
1. EXFOLIATE YOUR SKIN: Exfoliate your skin to achieve a clean, radiant and an even skin tone. Use a gentle exfoliant to remove the dead skin cells so not to irritate your skin and cause unnecessary redness. Massage it gently into your skin, and rinse it off with cool water. Afterwards, pat it dry to avoid the redness from scrubbing too hard with your face towel. 

One of My Favorite Exfoliants by Lancome
Club Fashionista Girl (& Professional Model):
 Merima Ramadanovic
2. USER A TONER: Use a toner after washing your face to achieve an even complexion; this will help you from having to layer foundation. 

One of my Favorite Toners by Lancome 
3. USE A TINETED MOISURIZER: Use a tinted moisturizer to achieve a glow and properly moisturize with an SPF. Unprotected skin leads to premature wrinkles, discoloration and saggy skin. 

4. USE A TRANSLUCENT POWDER TO MIMINZE YOUR PORES: For those of you with oily or combination skin, use Makeup Forever’s High Definition Powder! This is a white translucent powder that minimizes your pores and simply makes your skin glow. It works with any skin tone. It sets the foundation and slightly mattifies the skin. I am a huge fan and would highly recommend it! 

5. GROOM YOUR EYEBROWS: Make sure your brows are perfectly groomed. If you have thick brows, use an eyebrow brush to shape them and make sure to shape them professionally or by using your tweezers. If your brows are over plucked, use either a great eyebrow pencil (I recommend Anastasia) to shape them. 

Club Fashionista Girl (& Professional Model):
 Merima Ramadanovic

6. USE VASELINE FOR YOUR EYELASHES: Use Vaseline to replace your mascara to make your eyelashes look fuller and darker. 

7. USE VISINE FOR YOUR EYES: Use Visine to make your eyes look more alert and to get rid of the redness. 

8. WHITEN YOUR TEETH (at Home): Use Crest’s 3rd White Strips: a white smile keeps you looking younger and illuminates your face.

9. SPLASH ON SOME COLOR: Applying matte lipstick is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Add some color to your face by wearing a bold lipstick, e.g, red, pink or orange. Make sure that you apply it on evenly; makeup tip: use a lip brush to apply evenly.

Club Fashionista Girl (& Professional Model):
Merima Ramadanovic 

One of My Favorite Products: Lip Tar 100% Vegan!

I hope you enjoyed reading my beauty tips! Until next time...XOXO!!

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