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Music Chat with DJ Namsterdam: Washington D.C. Night Life

By Senka Haveric

It is a pleasure of mine to write about my good friend Nam, who goes by the DJ name "Namsterdam." He has been DJ-ing in the Washington D.C. scene for about a year and half; chances are if you frequent the D.C. night life, you are sure to have seen him at some of the hottest clubs in our area such as Opera, Josephine, and Lima. So, why not get to know the guy behind your weekend grooves? Here is how our conversation unfolded... 

Senka Haveric ("SH"): What name do you go by and where are you from?

Namsterdam: Hey guys what’s up? My name is Namsterdam, and I am from the Washington D.C area, originally Bethesda, Maryland.

SH: When did you first get into music?

Namsterdam: Well, I first got into music at an elementary level. My parents wanted me to play the trumpet and that really helped me to understand music. I stopped playing my sophomore year of high school but I never thought that music would be continuing in my life. Middle school is when I first started listening to house music but was mostly into hip-hop until my tastes started changing in college when I began to DJ parties. 

SH: At what age did u start DJ-ing?

Namsterdam: My first gig was in college in 2010 but my style was a lot different. I started off with hip-hop and after a tumultuous year in 2011, I started getting into more of the house scene through my boy Mazi, who really believed in me and my ear and encouraged me to start. January 2012 is when I got my first D.C. night life experience at Rose Bar.

SH: Where in D.C. have you DJ-ed?

Namsterdam: I have been to Rose Bar, Dirty Bar, MIA, Eden RoofTop, Fur, Josephine, and Lima. Also, I was a resident at Public Bar.

SH: Describe your musical style in three words?

Namsterdam: Groove. Soul. Passion. 

SH: Favorite genres?

Namsterdam: Deep House,Tech House, and Progressive House are the ones I am most connected to. New Disco is sick. I enjoy it because it has all the right elements highlighted in the songs. All four are a part of me but it depends on what sound I am going for when I am grooving.

SH: What are your musical influences?

Namsterdam: Kaskade and Deadmau5 are the first artists that opened me into the scene. Their style was a much more progressive house that I was into and musically more rich. Since then I have started expanding my tastes.

SH: OK, what are the artist that you are now listening to?

Namsterdam: Well, the artists I am really into now are Hot Since 82, MK, and Dusky.

SH: What are your future plans?

Namsterdam: Well, at the end of October I am moving to Los Angeles. I have always loved the weather and L.A. is the place to be for inspiration. Out there, it is a hustle. You know, you always have your own ideas, and you believe you should make it but you never know where your route goes. My dream is to go out there, and try and make it musically. Production is the end goal. 

SH: Any awesome events you attended this year or are looking forward to?

Namsterdam: Made in America was pretty cool for an end of the summer event. There is a big range of music there, credits to Jay Z. Also, EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) in Las Vegas was real sick and crazy. You gotta love Vegas. 

SH: Any artists you would love to collaborate with in the future? 

Namsterdam: Let's see, Avicci, Tiesto and Hardwell. Also, Hot Since 82 because I would love to learn from him. 

SH: What is the future of electronic music in your opinion?

Namsterdam: House is starting to get really mainstream. However, thanks to social media and other platforms the underground scene can exist in wider ranges than before, so I am hopeful. 

SH: Name some of your ultimate classic house tracks?

Namsterdam: Example- All The Wrong Places (Jack Beats Remix) and any Hot Natured track. 

Thank you for this interview. We will continue to follow your music, and best of luck in Los Angeles! Everybody, follow  Namsterdam on Facebook and take a look at on Soundcloud for his latest music!  

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