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Health Benefits of Hot Springs

By Elma B.

While visiting Guanacaste in Costa Rica, we decided to experience natural hot spring waters. After a hike through the rain forest, our experience was nothing short of incredible--relaxing and all the tension was washed away. 

The health benefits of hot springs are that the body and the mind is able to relax; the entire experience is therapeutic. The waters are mineral-rich and naturally heated. The hot spring waters can increase metabolism, accelerate haling, soothe muscles, improve blood circulation and detoxify the body. The minerals from the hot springs pass through your skin and are used by body cells; this in turn can fight the effects of fatigue, insomnia, and even poor circulation. 

The water ranged from 90F (about 33C) until 100F (about 38C) in the hot springs we went to in Costa Rica. There were a serious of mini pools that escelated up the mountain; the lowest one had the lowest temperature and as you ascended the temperature in the pools got hotter. We were recommended not to stay in the pool longer than 15 minutes because of the heat. I myself could only handle 10 minutes after which I would get out to take a break. The overall experience was very pleasant as we had a bar nearby to buy cool drinks, and towels were provided for us. For details of my experience, take a look at my photos below. 

Hot Springs in Costa Rica 

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica 

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