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By Elma B.

I visited my hometown of Sarajevo two weeks ago. The weather was quite lovely upon my arrival and then after the first rain (as is usual in this mountainous city), the temperature dropped significantly. 

I took a walk with a friend in central Sarajevo, and we snapped a couple of photos to show you my Sarajevo "street style." These photos were taken next to the BBI Center (a mall filled with cafes) and a park across the shopping center. 

Here, I am wearing a deep purple bag I purchased in St. Tropez, green skinny pants, a striped long shirt and nude pumps. As for my makeup, I am wearing bright pink vegan lip tar and with cat eyes. My accessories? Only blue crystal earrings. I hope you enjoy this brief snapshot of my gorgeous hometown of Sarajevo and my outfit of the day! Until next time...Xoxo. 



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