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Camphrea of Guerlain

By Aless G. 

I am addicted to this little tube because it is simply magical! This is one of the top selling anti blemish creams around the world. I used to break out and switched between different lotions almost every single week. Now that I have found Camphrea of Guerlain, I cannot survive without it!

How to use this product: when at home or before sleep, apply this cream to your problem areas. It also has a little tint so you can wear it underneath your foundation/makeup.

I take this tube with me wherever I go and its size makes it a perfect travel companion. My friends have also become addicted to this wonderful cream, reporting that it has improved their skin tremendously since they started using it.

Below is a description of GUERLAIN ISSIMA CAMPHREA CREAM:

GUERLAIN ISSIMA CAMPHREA CREAM : Anti-Blemish Care. A popular treatment for problem skin, this astringent cream is unrivalled when it comes to helping prevent, dry out and hide imperfections, tighten pores and soothe skin irritation

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